The Forgotten Fundamental of Muscle Building

Bodybuilding is a sport that very few can describe as "fun". Grueling workouts executed with excessive frequency, incredibly restrictive diets, and at the top levels, copious drug use are the norm within bodybuilding. While being the next Ronnie Coleman may not be one of your goals, the vast majority of us want to look better naked (ain't no shame in admitting that!). Let's discuss one thing we can steal from bodybuilders to help reach that goal.

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Change The Way You Think About Fat Loss

A good personal trainer is a problem solver.

Assess a client, identify their biggest limiting factor, and find the most effective way to remove that obstacle.

With fat loss, it is well established that some form of conditioning is necessary to optimize results. Yes, there are other critical components to address, but this blog focuses on the exercise aspect.

One can argue ad nauseam about the types of conditioning to perform and in what ratios. Big picture, a combination of lactic acid and aerobic work ultimately leads one towards results.

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The Elite Edge for Alpine Skiing

For the past 5 years, Elite Edge has been at the forefront of athletic development for alpine skiers in the Ottawa region. We're going to highlight the training advantages the alpine skiers at Elite Edge have, along with introducing a few techniques you may not be familiar with that we employ in the offseason to continue helping these athletes reach the next level. Even if you don't get a chance to work with us, we hope that you can take some of these concepts and apply them to your summer dry-land program.

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