The Elite Edge is sought out by those who demand results in athletics, health and fitness. 

Known as the secret weapon for high calibre athletes, business executives and everyone else who refuses to compromise on health and performance. We integrate the top training, nutrition, therapy and functional medicine strategies to provide coaching that to delivers unparalleled results. 

The Elite Edge is not for everyone. You don't have to be elite to train with us - but you must possess the desire to be.




From Montreal to Shanghai, in sports from basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, and football, our team has helped athletes dominate on a world stage.


If your goal is to change the way you look - by losing fat and building muscle - Elite Edge offers the tools and expertise to help you accomplish these goals in record time and in a sustainable fashion.



Optimizing your health and quality of life in a viable, holistic fashion that employs strategies encompassing lifestyle, nutrition, and training.