The Elite Edge develops exceptional results in both health and fitness, with exacting efficiency. We are the coaches behind some of the most impressive results worldwide. 

We specialize in working with people who place a priority on their health and fitness. These people understand that achieving goals in these areas with efficiency is a neccessity. We're known as the secret weapon to a diverse array of people: business owners, financial professionals, lawyers, doctors and elite athletes.

Our expertise is getting you maximum results while balancing your time and improving your health. We do this through one-on-one personal training, online coaching, group bootcamps, and other private events.

We do it better than anyone else because of "The Elite Edge" - our advanced proprietary methodology. The Elite Edge covers every aspect towards achieving jaw-dropping results. Powerful training techniques, nutritional strategies, motivational coaching, innovative lifestyle concepts and even quantum physics are all applied.

We're not just at the cutting edge; we're the ones sharpening it.



From Montreal to Shanghai, in sports from basketball, swimming, alpine skiing, and football, our team has helped athletes dominate on a world stage.


If your goal is to change the way you look - by losing fat and building muscle - Elite Edge offers the tools and expertise to help you accomplish these goals in record time and in a sustainable fashion.



Optimizing your health and quality of life in a viable, holistic fashion that employs strategies encompassing lifestyle, nutrition, and training.