Anyone can exercise. Only the best train. More than personal training, we offer full-service, results based coaching for those who demand excellence

Working in one-on-one or two-on-one settings, we deliver transformational results. There are no cookie-cutter plans here; all training is fully bespoke.

This personal training caters to individuals at any level; from professional and elite amateur athletes, business executives, and all those seeking results.



INDIvidualized Training

Elite Edge utilizes extensive training knowledge to help our clients reach new levels of physical ability, fitness and strength. We've developed these methodologies from decades under the bar along with exhaustive exercise science. There are no gimmicks here; we only use what works.

Each training program begins with a comprehensive assessment and needs analysis. From there, training programs are tailored to an individual's goals to deliver maximum results in minimum time.


Nutrition and Lifestyle

With the enormous amounts of conflicting information and myths surrounding nutrition, we cut out all the BS.  Our approach eschews conventional dietary dogma: we never "diet", instead focus on building sustainable, healthy habits. Implementation is gradual, progressive, and tenable.

Our nutrition guidance is also combined with an extensive lifestyle habit based system. While diet and exercise are important, lifestyle is an overlooked part of the puzzle. This is really where we shine; our clients garner an unfair advantage by addressing these blindspots.

We can't give away all our secrets for free. But here's what you won't see in our protocols: meal plans, calorie counting, crash dieting, and ridiculous cravings.

Instead expect to learn the real science behind what gets you results outside of the gym and you'll be able to apply these principles in your everyday life. You'll never feel deprived or hungry. You'll feel more lively and full of energy. Your health will change dramatically.

With these systems the results you gain will stay with you for life.


Therapy and injury prevention

It makes zero sense putting a Ferrari engine in the body of a beat-up Civic. In the same way, we utilize a number of modalities to get you out of pain, moving efficiently and staying injury free. Doing so allows consistent, continual progress and acts as insurance for your results. Not addressing individual deficiencies is a glaring weakness of other coaches - not us.