David Labentowicz

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David's career in health, fitness and athletic performance began in troubled times. In his final year of basketball at the University of Ottawa, his career unapologetically ended with a severe knee injury. Medical professionals told him it was unlikely he'd ever be physically active again, let alone return to basketball.

Eventually, pain would yield to progress. After undergoing experimental surgery that left him with little results and labeled as irreparable, David resolved to fix this on his own. This brought about the search to find those who could deliver results.

In a search for answers, David traveled the world learning from the best of the best: coaches, functional medicine practitioners, doctors and business people alike. This relentless pursuit of excellence has lasted nearly a decade and continues to this day.

Now, David's passion, experience, and sustained effort has guided him to developing a system that combines the best of modern science and practical results. This is system is based on individualization and a model of a natural health, longevity, and optimal performance for those seeking advanced training in strength and conditioning, overall fitness, health and well-being. Whatever your goal, be it fat loss, muscle hypertrophy, athletic performance, or health optimization - David has the tools and techniques to help you attain these goals in record time.

Abhorred by the current state of personal training, David has sought to raise the bar and transform the industry in regards to standard coaching. Though personal training is a simple term to understand, the amalgamation of training, lifestyle, health, psychological, holistic practices and continued exponential growth that David combines can’t be limited to such a designation. Personal training does not even begin to describe what he does.

Conventional wisdom yields conventional results. David uses the most cutting-edge techniques to help his clients find the shortest route to reaching their goals, overcome obstacles, and stay motivated and inspired on their path.

Certifications and Experience:

University of Ottawa - Summa Cum Laude Bachelors of Health Science and Psychology
PICP – Level 3
BioSignature – Level 2
Fascial Abrasion Technique
Applied Kinesiology for Instant Muscle Strengthening

Anders Lindsjo – Swedish National Olympic Weightlifting Program
Charles Poliquin – Moderns Trends in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) prehab/rehab
Charles Poliquin – Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Upper Extremities
Charles Poliquin – Nutrition and Supplementation for Optimal Brain Performance and Neural Drive
Charles Poliquin – Accelerated Recovery Techniques
Charles Poliquin - Training for Strength and Power Sports
Charles Poliquin - Private Hypertrophy and Body Composition Internship
Dr. Mark Schauss – The Art and Science of Biochemical Individuality
Dr. Mark Schauss – Nutritionally Supporting and Accelerating Concussion Recovery
Dr. Mark Schauss – Advanced Laboratory Testing for Elite Athletic Performance
Dr. Mark Schauss /Dr. Andrew Cutler – Safe and Effective Detoxification Protocols
Dr. Luke Bucci – Optimal Joint Health through Nutrition and Supplementation
Dr. John Young – Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
Dr. Rachel Fresco – Biofilms, Dysbiosis and Health
Dr. Ryan Bentley – Addressing Carbohydrate Metabolism Dysfunction
David Weinstock – Neurokinetic Therapy
Dimitry Klokov - Olympic Lifting Internship
Harold Nash – New England Patriots Strength and Conditioning
John Broz – Olympic Lifting Internship
John Meadows – Advanced Hypertrophy Training and Techniques
Paul Cater – Baltimore Orioles Strength and Conditioning
Yves Nadeau – Producing Olympic Medalists in Speed Skating